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How will my Microblading journey go?

Clear Eyes

Step 1: Consultation

At Ani Brows, we will first carry out a consultation before starting the microblading procedure. We believe that the consultation is the most essential part of the procedure and makes up about 90% of it. During the consultation, we ask clients to show us any photos they like, don’t like and/or how they usually draw on their eyebrows to get an idea of the client’s unique style.

Step 2: Shape 

We will then measure all the points of the client’s face with a ruler to ensure symmetry and precision. Once we have perfected the shape, we begin designing based on the client’s natural eyebrow hair and their desired look. This is all done with a pencil first to ensure that the shape can be adjusted if needed before the procedure starts.

Green Eyes and Makeup

Step 3: Colour 

Once our client approves the shape drawn, a colour is selected among the artist and client. Our artist will swatch colours on the forehead based on their natural eyebrow colour and the client’s unique style.

Step 4: Numbing

We want to ensure your utmost comfort, so we will provide the option to apply a topical numbing cream for 20 minutes before your procedure. We ask our clients to place the cream on top of the outline and cover it with saran wrap to seal in the numbing as much as possible.

microblading-near-me (1).png

Step 5: Microblading

Only after the client has approved the shape, colour and the numbing is completed, then we proceed with the microblading procedure. That's when the magic happens. We will open a sterile needle in front of the client and start the microblading procedure. The pigment is then implanted into the skin in a form of hair strokes to give it the illusion of real fine hair. Numbing is applied throughout the procedure to ensure the utmost comfort.

Step 6: Reveal

Once the microblading procedure is complete, the big reveal happens. We show our clients their new beautiful set of eyebrows and ask them if they would like to make any adjustments before leaving. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction so we always make sure you walk out the door happy.

Microblading Brown Skin .jpeg
Before and After

Step 7: Touch up

All microblading and permanent makeup is a multisession process, meaning touch-ups are necessary. Think of this as the second coat of nail polish, the first one is all right, but the second one seals the deal. This session is done 1-3 months after the initial procedure. At this session, we will go over any concerns they may have had during the healing, fill in any areas that may have faded or gone thicker or darker than the first time! We go conservative on the first session to ensure the client is satisfied, so adding the touch up is a piece of cake! Again, steps 1-4 are followed on the touch-up and make sure the client leaves satisfied.



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